What is This Program?

The first non-government initiative of its kind, the Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies is a unique multidisciplinary degree, which has as its goal a graduate qualified as an entry-level analyst for government and the private sector. An academically challenging discipline, it combines a liberal arts core with a foreign language or computer science requirement, national and international studies, internships, and intelligence-related courses to provide its graduates with an advanced level of analytical skills. Currently, over 300 students from throughout the U.S. and abroad are enrolled in this undergraduate program.

The Intelligence Studies degree is designed to provide the necessary background for students to pursue careers as research and/or intelligence analysts in government agencies and private enterprise. The work of these analysts, whether relating to national security, law enforcement or business activities, involves the preparation of assessments based on the collection, correlation, and analysis of intelligence data.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies program will be able to:

Desired Candidates

A successful Intelligence Studies candidate should have:


 Degree Requirements

The department takes great pride in producing the highest quality entry level analyst for the intelligence profession. Once admitted, the new student must adhere to the exacting standards of a rigorous curriculum. Major specific courses are listed below, the degree recipient must satisfactorily complete all listed courses and maintain an overall GPA above a 3.0. This does not include core courses required by the university, see the Mercyhurst University Course Catalog for more details.

Intelligence Studies Major Course Requirements


Language or Computer Science Concentration Requirements

Intelligence Electives (pick 3)

Non-Intelligence Required Courses (pick 5)

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